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The View’s Hostin claims Queen Elizabeth wore ‘crown with pillaged stones,’ Britain a ‘genocidal’ empire

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Throughout the Friday episode of ABC’s “The View,” co-host Sunny Hostin made positive to remind everybody that even though it’s unhappy that Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, she used to be the chief of a monarchy “constructed at the backs of black and brown other people.” 

Hostin additionally went as far as to believe a vile tweet that claimed Elizabeth II used to be the pinnacle of a “thieving, raping, genocidal empire” and recommended her successor, King Charles III, to make up for this historical past via giving “reparations” to the entire international locations colonized via the British Empire.

Whilst reminiscing at the lifetime of passing of the Queen, Hostin famous that she used to be as soon as a large fan of the British monarchy, even though she has since rethought her affections on account of the Crown’s historical past of colonialism.


“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin claimed that Queen Elizabeth II wore a crown embellished “with pillaged stones from India and Africa.”

“I were given stuck up within the pomp and circumstance of all of it as neatly. I sought after to peer the converting of the guards. I sought after to peer the entirety. I sought after to fulfill the Queen as a result of I feel all of us love glam and pageantry,” the co-host admitted. Even though she added a caveat. “And I feel even though we will be able to mourn the Queen and now not the empire,” she said. 

“As a result of in case you truly consider what the monarchy, um, used to be constructed on, it used to be constructed at the backs of black and brown other people,” Hostin defined, sooner than condemning the crown Elizabeth II wore throughout her reign. 

“She wore a crown with pillaged stones from India and Africa, and now what you’re seeing, a minimum of within the black communities that I’m part of, they would like reparations,” she added, particularly bringing up how other people in Barbados, and a few of her Jamaican buddies are looking ahead to such reparations. 

Hostin advised Elizabeth II’s successor, her son, King Charles III, “to modernize this monarchy” and supply reparations to the Crown’s present and previous colonies. 

“It’s time for him to modernize this monarchy and for him to offer reparations to all of to these colonies. And I additionally suppose, you understand, a monarchy, it’s really easy to uplift one circle of relatives. The tougher factor is to uplift all households and I feel he’s able as a way to do this,” Hostin declared.

Co-host Pleasure Behar reminded her colleagues that Elizabeth II attempted to do a couple of excellent issues for Britain’s colonies, pointing out that she “fought towards apartheid in South Africa,” and that “She attempted her best possible, if she may, each from time to time.” Behar added, “She didn’t have that a lot energy. She used to be a figurehead.”

Even though the opposite girls insisted on speaking about colonialism and the reparations owed via western powers. Co-host Ana Navarro chimed in, announcing, “the USA used to be constructed at the backs of black and brown other people.” Hostin interjected, announcing, “And we wish our reparations.”

The photo used by the royal family to announce Queen Elizabeth II's death.  

The picture utilized by the royal circle of relatives to announce Queen Elizabeth II’s loss of life.  
(Royal Assortment Accept as true with/Property of Jane Bown)

Navarro then tagged the Catholic Church, announcing, “The Catholic Church used to be constructed at the backs of people that — black and brown individuals who had been compelled to transform to Catholicism.” She added that “one of the most issues that Charles [III] can do to get some reputation, is perhaps take a little time clear of talking to his crops and contact this factor.”

Co-host Sara Haines attempted to advertise extra appreciate for Elizabeth II on her loss of life via pointing out that it “is vital to split the Queen from the monarchy and the empire.” Haines discussed that she used to be “unhappy the previous day” after seeing tweets wishing in poor health upon Elizabeth after her loss of life. 


She discussed a viral reaction from “a professor at Carnegie Mellon, who mentioned, ‘I heard the manager monarch of a thieving, raping, genocidal empire is in any case demise. Would possibly her ache be excruciating.'” The tweet Haines discussed used to be got rid of from Twitter for violating its requirements of behavior on Thursday. 

Hostin agreed it used to be vital to split the Queen from the empire in that context, however explicitly agreed with the tweet’s assault at the British Empire. 

She added, “It used to be a thieving, raping, genocidal empire.”

Carnegie Mellon professor Uju Anya's tweet wishes Queen Elizabeth II

Carnegie Mellon professor Uju Anya’s tweet needs Queen Elizabeth II “excruciating ache” throughout her loss of life.
(Twitter screenshot)


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