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WWE Smackdown 09/02/22 Overview – TJR Wrestling

The overall episode of WWE Smackdown featured a Roman Reigns championship party whilst his Conflict on the Fort opponent Drew McIntyre used to be available as smartly.

This episode of Smackdown used to be a taped display that WWE recorded after closing week’s Smackdown in Detroit. The cause of this is since the WWE team left for Cardiff, Wales previous this week so they may be able to get ready for Conflict on the Fort on Saturday. The spoilers for this display have been out closing week and we had them up on TJRWrestling as smartly. I learn them as a result of I posted them, however realizing the spoilers isn’t going to smash my delight in the display.

Our TJRWrestling Conflict on the Fort preview used to be posted previous on Friday morning. Please test that out as a result of I wrote so much and I truly went in-depth about why I believe Drew McIntyre must beat Roman Reigns in the primary match.

From the Little Caesars Area in Detroit, Michigan that is Smackdown for episode #1202. Apply me on Twitter @johnreport. Let’s get to it.

The display began with pictures of the hoop to turn that it used to be time for a Viking Regulations Fit. There have been shields at the ring apron. In addition they had the entrance a part of a ship connected to the hoop so it’s intended to appear to be they have been preventing on a ship whilst in reality in a hoop. It used to be Michael Cole and Pat McAfee on statement as same old.

Viking Regulations Fit: The Viking Raider (Erik & Ivar) vs. The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

No laws and falls rely anyplace. The New Day guys have been wearing some distinctive tools for his or her front and the wrestling tools used to be very similar to what they generally put on. No tags in a fit like this, so it used to be a twister tag.

Woods and Kingston attacked in an instant with punches and a double dropkick sending each Raiders in opposition to the turnbuckle. Kingston and Woods stomped on each fighters adopted via Woods hitting a operating dropkick. Kofi and Woods every hit dives at the Raiders at the flooring. Ivar used to be despatched into protect at ringside whilst Erik won a kick to the pinnacle. Kofi held a protect in entrance of Erik, so Woods hit a operating dropkick into the protect onto Erik at the flooring. Kofi jumped off the barricade with a Frog Splash on Ivar at the flooring for a two rely. They went to a spoil there.


The fit persevered with Woods hitting a step-up enziguri and he kicked Ivar into the barricade. Woods hit a forearm adopted via a again kick, a sweep kick and a senton splash on Erik. Woods introduced a chair into the hoop, however Erik recovered with a punch to the face. Kofi went into the hoop to lend a hand Woods as they despatched Erik into the chair used to be in an open place. Ivar hit a dash on New Day to get a divorce a pin strive. Ivar with a spin kick on Kofi. Ivar attempted a slam on Woods off the ropes, however Kofi fought out of it whilst Woods tackled Erik out of the hoop. Ivar went up best, he jumped off with a moonsault and Kofi rolled out of the way in which. Kofi jumped off the highest with a dash to the again. Woods up best with an elbow splash on Ivar, however Erik kicked Woods to get a divorce the pin. Kofi used his legs to ship Erik excessive to the ground. Kofi and Woods jumped off the boat platform onto each Raiders at the flooring for 2 counts. Ivar picked up Kofi and introduced him into the tip of the send connected to the hoop. Erik battled Woods at the boat platform the place two tables have been stacked close by. Woods headbutted Erik, however Ivar used to be there to hit Woods within the again with a protect. Kofi jumped off the highest and Ivar threw a protect at Kofi to knock him down. Ouch. Erik & Ivar picked up Woods for a double Powerbomb thru tables with Cole announcing that used to be referred to as the Ragnarok. Ivar coated Woods for the pinfall win after 20 mins.

Winners via pinfall: The Viking Raiders

Research: ***1/2 An excellent fit that used to be very inventive with a large number of guns getting used, some large bumps taken via each groups and clearly an enormous spot to finish the fit since Woods used to be put thru tables. I believed the setup of the hoop having a look like a boat on one facet used to be distinctive, so I’ll give them credit score for pondering of one thing inventive. It appeared a little bit foolish to start with, however then they used the platform in a wonderful means so I don’t thoughts it in any respect. This used to be most probably the feud ender because it used to be a gimmick fit and obviously WWE sought after to position over the Viking Raiders a dominant heel workforce as a substitute of giving the babyface New Days the win. I might were effective with both outcome for this fit. I loved it.

A video aired concerning the two-year Common Identify run of Roman Reigns. It used to be Section 1 – The Reign Starts with the “Particular Recommend” Paul Heyman narrating the video. Heyman famous that Reigns has had 23 name defenses in opposition to 14 superstars all the way through the ancient two yr name reigns of the Tribal Leader, Roman Reigns.


The following Roman Reigns video aired referred to as Section II – The Major Match. Heyman mentioned that 16 occasions Reigns has primary evented the most important displays of the yr whilst list off one of the most displays together with WrestleMania. Heyman mentioned the way it used to be 16 occasions in opposition to males like Edge, Giant E, Goldberg, John Cena and Brock Lesnar whilst including that 16 occasions Reigns has emerged victorious. Heyman mentioned that we can recognize the two-year name reign of Roman Reigns.

Karrion Kross made his front together with his pretty spouse Scarlett. They went to the black and white display for the doorway. It seemed like how the doorway used to be in NXT with Scarlett coming into the hoop first adopted via Kross because the lighting fixtures went purple/black within the area.

Karrion Kross (w/Scarlett) vs. Drew Gulak

This used to be Karrion’s Smackdown debut. McAfee: “Is that Gulak? It’s.” Sure, it’s Pat. Kross choked Gulak in opposition to the turnbuckle and Kross instructed Gulak to ship some moves, so Drew did and it had no impact. Gulak ran the ropes resulting in a boot from Kross. There have been some forearms to the pinnacle via Kross adopted via a Saito Suplex around the ring. Kross implemented the Kross Jacket submission resulting in Gulka tapping out. It went about one minute.

Winner via submission: Karrion Kross

Research: 1/2* A squash fit to position over Kross in a large method.

Submit fit, Kross stored the Kross Jacket submission on Gulak at the mat whilst Scarlett used to be guffawing about it. After replays have been proven, they tied up Gulak within the center ropes and left to black & white colours.

Research: It used to be an outstanding ass-kicking from Kross. That’s how to e book Kross. At all times great to look Scarlett, after all.

They confirmed highlights of Smackdown closing week when Ronda Rousey used to be arrested. Ronda’s “ultimate judgment” used to be up subsequent.


The 3rd Roman Reigns video used to be referred to as Section III – Smackdown Ruler. Heyman mentioned that Reigns had seven name defenses on Smackdown and he smashed all of them. It used to be Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Rey Mysterio, and (Matt) Riddle. They didn’t point out Daniel Bryan, after all. They performed a clip of Roman announcing he has overwhelmed all of them and Heyman mentioned that this night we can have fun two years of dominance of the Tribal Leader.

Let’s Pay attention from Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey made her front with some paper in her hand. Excellent response for Rousey with the lovers chanting her identify. Rousey mentioned she’s were given an legit commentary from WWE World Headquarters with an replace on her submission, so she referred to as out WWE Respectable Adam Pearce to learn it.

Adam Pearce walked out announcing it hasn’t ever been non-public whilst Rousey mentioned that Pearce had her arrested. Pearce mentioned that she would possibly not need to listen this, however he used to be simply doing his activity (Rousey minimize him off). Rousey instructed Adam to learn it. Pearce learn the commentary announcing that Rousey’s habits used to be unprofessional. Pearce learn that her habits wasn’t prison, her arrest used to be unwarranted and Rousey paid her fines whilst she will probably be on probation. Pearce mentioned that as of these days, September 2d, “her suspension is over and she is going to resume in-ring pageant instantly.” Rousey used to be satisfied about it. Pearce concept this used to be absurd that her suspension is over. Pearce mentioned if it used to be as much as him he would have by no means suspended her, he would have fired her. The lovers booed. Rousey discussed that she used to be probably the most recognizable feminine athlete in historical past and instructed Pearce to kiss her ass.

Pearce ranted about how laborious his activity is whilst being on two displays each week and is rarely thanked. Pearce mentioned that he has to babysit other folks like her. The lovers booed, so Pearce instructed the lovers to close up. Pearce mentioned he’s rattling pleased with the activity he does, however he doesn’t like that folks criticize her. Pearce mentioned he didn’t care concerning the Board of Administrators or their resolution as a result of he’s were given an issue with Rousey. Pearce mentioned that folks name Rousey the ”baddest girl on the earth” and Pearce referred to as Rousey “the only greatest complain I’ve ever met.” Pearce apologized, however Rousey took him down simply and Rousey implemented an armbar at the proper arm with the lovers cheering. Rousey left to cheers whilst Cole mentioned that Rousey may just get fined or suspended once more.

Research: That’s probably the most heelish that Pearce has been in his function as a WWE Respectable. Having Pearce name Rousey a complain like this is very competitive, but it surely’s additionally a method to get Rousey cheered. It’s the vintage Stone Chilly reserving to have a heelish authority determine being imply to a babyface wrestler. I guess they’ll say that Rousey received’t be suspended for that as it used to be unprofessional for a WWE Respectable like Pearce to name Rousey a “complain” like that. I don’t know if this implies Pearce will probably be heelish at all times shifting ahead, however he did get boos from the gang, so it labored on this example.

Sami Zayn used to be proven within the locker room with a man turning in some black plants. Zayn mentioned he wasn’t anticipating any plants. Zayn smelled the plants and mentioned “oh God” whilst promoting that they smelled. The word mentioned “Tick Tock” to turn that it used to be a message from Karrion Kross. Zayn smelled his palms after he put them down.

Research: They’re surely putting in Kross as a long term opponent of both Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre relying on how their Conflict on the Fort fit is going.

Hit Row entered for tag workforce motion.

A business aired for Conflict on the Fort plugging the six-woman tag workforce fit.


The Most Male Fashions workforce have been offered via Max Dupri and his “sister” Maxxine Dupri. I’m no longer going to spell Mace and Mansoor the use of the symbols that WWE makes use of. who they’re after I write their identify.

Most Male Fashions (Mace & Mansoor) (w/Max & Maxxine Dupri) vs. Hit Row (Most sensible Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis) (w/B-Fab)

Mansoor were given a takedown main t to a pose and Adonis dropkicked Mansoor out of the hoop. Mace within the ring, so Adonis dropkicked him out of the hoop as smartly. Los Lotharios made their method right down to ringside, which made Maxxine satisfied. B-Fab kicked the Lotharios clear of ringside. Mansoor tripped up Mace, who walked at the again of Adonis and hit an elbow drop to the again. Mace with a nook assault, Mansoor with a tag and a dropkick. Most sensible Dolla tagged in as Mansoor threw a punch that used to be stuck, so Dolla hit a forearm to the pinnacle. Dolla with a operating knee carry and a forearm knocking Mase off the apron. Dolla with a nook splash, Adonis were given the tag and Dolla picked up Mansoor resulting in an Adonis dropkick right into a slam for the pinfall win. It went 4 mins.

Winners via pinfall: Hit Row

Research: *1/4 A elementary fit to position over Hit Row. The fashions didn’t truly come as regards to successful at any level within the fit. The double workforce end used to be a dropkick right into a slam. It didn’t glance that spectacular, but it surely’s a secure transfer to do.

Submit fit, Los Lotharios went into the hoop to double workforce Hit Row with the fashions after which The Boulevard Earnings made the save. The Boulevard Earnings cleared space at ringside and Dolla hit a shoulder take on because the heel retreated. The Boulevard Earnings and Hit Row celebrated within the ring in combination.

Research: An ordinary submit fit phase the place the babyfaces were given the merit to finish it on a contented word. The Boulevard Earnings are a Uncooked workforce, however they have been on Smackdown closing week, so that they have been within the development to be in this week. Plus, the brand-exclusive stuff truly doesn’t subject.

Glad Corbin used to be interviewed via Kayla Braxton with Corbin announcing he didn’t need to speak about dropping closing week or another loss. Corbin mentioned that he is aware of he’s the most efficient guy in that locker room, so he’s going to factor an open problem up subsequent.

Research: Corbin will get a large number of display time for a man that loses frequently.


The fourth Roman Reigns video aired referred to as Section IV: Tribal Warrior. Heyman narrated the video speaking concerning the other fit varieties that Reigns has received like Metal Cage, Hell in a Mobile, Remaining Guy Status and he’s pop out more potent at the different facet.

Shinsuke Nakamura made his front as the man to reply to the open problem from Glad Corbin. Pat McAfee used to be dancing at the statement desk as same old.

Glad Corbin vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura labored over Corbin with some kicks to the frame adopted via a foot at the throat. Corbin with a boost, Nakamura controlled to get a knee to the pinnacle and a kick to the face. Nakamura charged, Corbin stuck him and Corbin hit the Deep Six slam for 2, which is the standard outcome for that transfer. The lovers chanted “Corbin sucks” as Corbin went for Finish of Days, Nakamura have shyed away from it, Corbin slid out of the hoop and again in and Nakamura hit a Kinshasa knee strike for the win after 3 mins.

Winner via pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

Research: * Simple win for Nakamura whilst Corbin continues to lose fits. They’re surely doing a dropping streak storyline for Corbin since Cole discussed it after the fit as smartly. I’m no longer certain the place it’s going, however possibly WWE will name him “Baron Corbin” once more as a substitute of the dumb Glad Corbin identify.

A video aired with highlights from Uncooked of the Ladies’s Tag Crew Identify match with Cole speaking over the highlights. Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah beat IYO SKY & Dakota Kai to grow to be the Ladies’s Tag Crew Champions when Aliyah rolled up Kai to win.

Research: They didn’t point out that Aliyah pinned the incorrect individual. In all probability WWE will forget about it even if Kai mentioned “I wasn’t criminal” once she used to be pinned. Anyway, we’ll see on Uncooked subsequent week if there’s a observe as much as it.

Butch made his front with Sheamus and Ridge Holland. Butch had some ring tools very similar to his Pete Dunne days, however the tools mentioned “Brawling Brutes” at the facet of it.

A video aired bout WWE’s nice paintings with Connor’s Remedy to lift cash for pediatric most cancers analysis.


Glad Corbin used to be proven behind the scenes having a look unhappy about his loss. There used to be a limo that used to be proven riding as much as the sector with some horns on it. It used to be John Bradshaw Layfield, who rolled down the window and requested: “What came about to you? Get in.” Corbin were given into the limo.

Research: There’s a unique approach for Corbin with JBL serving as a supervisor or mentor for him. JBL used to be filming the A&E WWE Competitors display on the time of this display, so he wasn’t proven on digital camera. They edited his voice into the scene.

Ludwig Kaiser entered with the Intercontinental Champion Gunther for singles motion. It’s Gunther vs. Sheamus at Conflict on the Fort. They plugged a Conflict on the Fort press convention after the display.

Butch (w/Sheamus & Ridge Holland) vs. Ludwig Kaiser (w/Gunther)

The wild guy Butch used to be competitive with some punches. Kaiser subsidized away within the nook, created some house and knocked Butch down with a forearm to the face. Butch knocked down Kaiser adopted via Butch pulling at the arm whilst squeezing the hands like he used to do as Pete Dunne. Butch stomped on Kaiser’s head. Kaiser with a slap to the face adopted via a double underhook suplex. Kaiser jumped off the center rope for an uppercut, however Butch punched him within the head. Kaiser used to be at the flooring, Butch jumped off the apron and Kaiser hit him with an uppercut. Giant bump via Butch at the flooring as Sheamus & Gunther had a staredown resulting in a spoil.


It used to be a slugfest as Butch despatched Kaiser into the nook, then Butch hit a double knee drop at the left arm and a German Suplex. Butch stomped at the palms of Kaiser adopted via a kick to the pinnacle for 2. Butch labored over Kaiser with repeated forearms to the pinnacle together with a stomp at the again. Butch went up best, Kaiser tripped up Butch and Butch hit a kick. Kaiser got here again with a leaping kick to the pinnacle adopted via a operating dropkick whilst Butch used to be in opposition to the ropes. Kaiser with a opposite frame slam flipping Butch over for a two rely. Butch have shyed away from a operating assault, Butch with a step up enziguri, Kaiser with an uppercut and Butch hit a kick to the pinnacle. Loud leg slap for that kick to the pinnacle. Kaiser hit any other opposite frame slam taste transfer for 2. Kaiser teased going for a DDT transfer, however Butch pulled at the hands to counter and Butch hit the Sour Finish (identical identify for that transfer when he used to be Pete Dunne) for the pinfall win after 9 mins.

Winner via pinfall: Butch

Research: *** A a laugh TV fit between two gifted guys that didn’t get many fits on Smackdown up to now. I really like that Butch had the tools from when he used to be Pete Dunne whilst doing the strikes like pulling at the hands and stomping at the hands like we noticed him do within the NXT days. I favored the end with Kaiser having a look to complete off Butch, however then Butch pulled at the hands resulting in the Sour Finish. That used to be booked smartly.

Submit fit, Gunther went into the hoop with the Intercontinental Identify round his waist whilst Sheamus took off his coat and tool to have a struggle. Kaiser stored Gunther to stop a struggle.

Research: I truly like that they didn’t have Gunther and Sheamus didn’t change in any physicality within the construct to the fit. Reserve it for the Conflict on the Fort fit. I’m very serious about it. I picked Gunther in our preview, however it might move both method.

The 5th Roman Reigns video aired referred to as Section V: Greatness on a Other Stage. Heyman discussed the lads that had truly lengthy reigns in WWE historical past and the way they’re now joined via the longest reign in trendy WWE historical past because of Reigns conserving his Common Identify for over two years. Heyman mentioned that this night we have fun and recognize the 2 yr ancient name reign of Roman Reigns.

Sami Zayn and The Usos have been proven within the locker room with Zayn announcing he thinks the entirety is about for the party. Zayn questioned in the event that they must move available in the market in combination as all the Bloodline – the 4 of them. Jey didn’t like that Sami used to be together with himself whilst Jimmy advised they must all be in combination celebrating Reigns. All of them agreed to it and left.


They confirmed the good, undefeated championship boxer Tyson Fury posting a message on Instagram announcing he’s going to be ringside at Conflict on the Fort on Sunday. Fury is British, so it is sensible he’ll be on the main match happening in the United Kingdom.

Roman Reigns Two-Yr Championship Party

The Usos made their front because the Undisputed WWE Tag Crew Champions together with their friend Sami Zayn. There used to be a black carpet within the ring together with pictures of Roman Reigns all the way through his two yr run because the Common (and WWE) Champion.

Sami Zayn welcomed us to the party of the two-year championship reign of Roman Reigns. Jimmy instructed Sami to do his factor whilst Zayn mentioned he didn’t need anyone to accuse him of being too at ease and Zayn stared at Jey. That resulted in Jey chopping off Zayn announcing that Reigns has ruled everyone. Jey stored speaking whilst Zayn adopted announcing stuff like “yeah” and “that’s proper” whilst even announcing “100” at one level, so Jimmy requested what he used to be doing? Jey sought after the gang to get up on their toes, put their 1’s to the sky and Jey offered the Head of the Desk, the Tribal Leader, the Needle Mover, God Mode Himself…the WWE Undisputed Common Champion…our cousin Roman Reigns.

They confirmed a Cadillac truck riding as much as the development with Reigns strolling out the again door in his Bloodline blouse. Reigns used to be greeted via a kick to the pinnacle from Drew McIntyre. Reigns used to be down within the automobile parking space after bumping into the truck. Cole mentioned it used to be a Claymore Kick, but it surely’s no longer like we noticed Drew ship it, which might imply bumping onto the concrete, so it used to be only a kick to the pinnacle.

Drew McIntyre made his front within the area with Zayn going after him, so Drew hit him with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt on Zayn. Drew took off his blouse to turn the injuries from “closing week” that used to be in reality previous in the similar night time. Drew were given into the hoop, tossed each Usos out of the hoop and Drew knocked all of the pictures down. Drew ran the ropes adopted via a somersault dive excessive onto the 3 guys at the flooring. Drew despatched Zayn into the hoop adopted via Drew tossing some chairs into the hoop. Zayn with a chair to the ribs, however Drew got here again with a Claymore Kick the place he kicked the chair into Zayn’s face. Drew suplexed and slammed Jimmy Uso throughout the desk. Jey used to be down at the flooring, Drew charged, Drew did a Reigns-like yell resulting in Drew giving Jey a Spear throughout the barricade. Great spot.

Drew did a promo within the ring announcing he’s going to by no means, ever forestall. Drew mentioned that The Bloodline used to be torn aside and God mode used to be deactivated. Drew mentioned in Cardiff he’s going to kick Romans’ head off his frame and also you’re going to have a look at the brand new Undisputed WWE Common Champion. They replayed Drew’s assault on Roman within the parking lengthy in addition to his destruction of The Usos and Sami at ringside. There used to be a last plug for Conflict on the Fort for Saturday at 1pm ET as McIntyre celebrated to finish the display.

Research: It used to be smartly booked with McIntyre getting the higher hand after Roman and The Bloodline kicked his ass on closing week’s display. I don’t suppose McIntyre status tall method he’s going to lose. I believe McIntyre must win and I defined my concept procedure on that during our preview of the display. I really like how McIntyre systematically took aside The Usos & Sami. The lovers spoke back smartly to it. McIntyre has a large number of momentum at the moment as the highest babyface in WWE. I’m very intrigued via what occurs at Conflict on the Fort.


3 Stars of the Display

  1. Drew McIntyre
  2. Viking Raiders/The New Day
  3. Butch


The Scoreboard

7 out of 10

Remaining week: 7


Ultimate Ideas

It used to be most commonly a just right display with the Viking Raiders/New Day fit status out as the most efficient fit at the display whilst Butch beating Ludwig Kaiser used to be just right too. The opposite fits have been stored brief. It’s just right to look that Karrion Kross and the beautiful Scarlett were given an front very similar to what it used to be like in NXT.

They spent a large number of time at the display speaking concerning the Roman Reigns two-year party, but Reigns used to be slightly at the display since Drew McIntyre attacked him within the automobile parking space. Drew additionally beat up The Usos and Sami Zayn to provide Drew a large number of momentum going into the Conflict on the Fort match on Saturday. The Ronda Rousey/Adam Pearce phase used to be vintage authority determine reserving with Pearce making heelish feedback and Rousey kicking his ass simply. The gang favored it.

I’m in a position for Conflict on the Fort. As soon as once more, right here’s our preview for that.

The following WWE Top class Are living Match is Conflict on the Fort from Cardiff, Wales on Saturday, September 3. Right here’s the lineup.

* Undisputed WWE Common Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Drew McIntyre

* Bianca Belair, Asuka & Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley, Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

* Riddle vs. Seth “Freakin” Rollins

* Intercontinental Championship: Gunther (c) vs. Sheamus

* Smackdown Ladies’s Championship: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Shayna Baszler

* Edge & Rey Mysterio (w/Dominik Mysterio) vs. The Judgment Day – Finn Balor & Damian Priest (w/Rhea Ripley)

You’ll be able to watch WWE Conflict on the Fort, streaming reside this Saturday, September 3, at 1pm ET/10am PT on Peacock in the US and on WWE Community far and wide else.


Thank you for studying. Please take a look at my critiques of each WWE PPV ever indexed so as. Cross Toronto Blue Jays. My touch information is underneath.

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